About Salt Lamps

29 Jan

Salt lamps have been in use for a long time. You may be wondering why on earth a salt lamp would exist while there are normal synthetic lambs that are better and luxurious. But what you fail to know is that a salt lamp has very many applications and medicinal purposes. A single salt lamp can be used to clean your house. But before you can use a salt lamp, it is important to understand what it is.

Illumination is not such a strong suit when it comes to salt lamps. They have other hidden awesome purposes. In the literal sense, just as the name suggests, these are lamps made from salt. A big chunk of salt is hewn from the base of the Himalayan Mountains and design to be a lamp. But not an electric one. A provision in the form of a hole that fits a candle is made from the base up. Here, the candle will be put, lit and used to heat that chunk of salt.

Other than the aesthetic properties of the salt, it will act as a decoration for your house. Above that, the salt lamp will improve the air condition by cleansing it completely. By so doing, the health of anyone who is living in the house will be improved. Now, do you see the importance of the so-called salt lamp?

But why does a simple chunk of salt have such amazing qualities? Well, the explanation is quite simple. The Himalayan Mountains have existed for many millennia, and as a result, the existing rock and its environs have gathered and stored different types of minerals. Therefore, just a small piece of salt also contains all these minerals. They are thus used to in homes to purify the air by ionizing it. For more facts and information about salt lamps, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=def_jhGlyJI.

Salt lamps at Luvin Life come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. It will all depend on the creativity of the designer. The purification of the air happens when the salt lamp emits negatively charged ions. This is done when the candle heats the salt from the inside. Once shaped, is mounted on a wooden base. The provision for the candle can also be made larger to accommodate a bulb.

Most air pollutants produce positive ions. The himalayan salt lamp australia to make the air cleaner counteracts these ions. The salt lamp goes further to eliminate the electro-smog produced by electric appliances. If you want a cleaner environment in your home, get yourself a salt lamp. But be ready to meet the price of these lamps. They might be green, but they are not cheap.

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